• Blue Carrot Boutiqueassets/images/portfolio/carrot/Smal.jpg

    Blue Carrot Boutique We are delighted to introduce you our new eCommerce project developed for kids designer clothing distributor in the USA.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx | Adobe Photoshop

  • Augusto Valentiniassets/images/portfolio/Augusto/small.jpg

    Augusto Valentini We have developed a new project of website directory for the sole distributor in the USA of Augusto Valentini Design.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx | Adobe Photoshop

  • Mjjsalesassets/images/portfolio/Mjjsales/174_min.jpg

    Mjjsales Here is another English site developed in our studio with extremely clear navigation, nice design and full of competent content.  PHP | MySQL | Design | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • Depstorassets/images/portfolio/Depstore/173_min.jpg

    Depstor Working on the site for a multi-brand clothes gallery Depstor was extremely exciting. Our task was to make the user's online shopping vivid, emotional and entertaining.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | jQuery | HTML | CSS3

  • Lan Systemsassets/images/portfolio/lan/pr.jpg

    Lan Systems We made a new website for a strong and reliable company. Our new creation tells about telecommunication systems, their installation and maintenance.  PHP | MySQL | CSS | jQuery | HTML

  • Papa Carloassets/images/portfolio/Carlo/154_min.jpg

    Papa Carlo This doors producing factory Papa Carlo is justly considered to be one of the best manufacturers in the Ukraine. Papa Carlo means stylish and secure doors, robust materials and decent warranty service.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • Fh alfaassets/images/portfolio/Alpfa/156_min(1).jpg

    Fh alfa An agricultural enterprise of the modern world is a FE Alfa. High technologies combined with innate love for the land and ability to raise its fertility enabled the founders to achieve stunning working results.  PHP | MySQL | Design | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • Platiumassets/images/portfolio/platium/167_min.jpg

    Platium We were developing this website for the complex Platium in the Kiev region with pleasure being completely absorbed in its fairy-tale atmosphere.  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML | MODx

  • MTR GROUPassets/images/portfolio/MTR/164_min.jpg

    MTR GROUP MTR-group is a great company uniting several popular clothes brands. It's always a real pleasure to go shopping there.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • NIKOSSassets/images/portfolio/Nikoss/172_min.jpg

    NIKOSS It's rather the most elegant, tender and at the same time serious site for the solar control systems company. One would think: “The site of roller shutters. What romance are you talking about?”  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | HTML | MODx

  • Nicholas Tymassets/images/portfolio/tim/170_min.jpg

    Nicholas Tym Developing this site we were trying to express the creative nature of musician Nicholas Tym. The site is stylish and interesting.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • Magaraniassets/images/portfolio/Magarani/169_min.jpg

    Magarani Here is an absolute harmony of the East. You can just look at the site Magarani and you will have an irresistible desire to visit remote countries.  PHP | MySQL | Design | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • Bogatirskie assets/images/portfolio/bogatirskie/168_min.jpg

    Bogatirskie There was a great temptation for us to crack sunflower seeds or salted nuts while we were developing the site for Bogatyrskie.  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML | MODx

  • Kulinichi Bakeryassets/images/portfolio/Kulinichi/kulinichi_pr_sm.jpg

    Kulinichi Bakery Our acquaintance with Kulinichi bakery goes back a long way. This is the second website we’ve created for them.  PHP | MySQL | Design | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • Snowqueenassets/images/portfolio/snkor/kor_pr_sm2(1).jpg

    Snowqueen Our new project is a presentation of an elite salon that sells exclusive leather and fur goods.  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | HTML | MODx

  • Dmitry Bairachnyiassets/images/portfolio/bair/bairacnyi_prev_sm.jpg

    Dmitry Bairachnyi It is not surprising that Dmitry Bairachnyi is considered to be one of the best photographers in the city.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • TopShopassets/images/portfolio/TopShop/topshop_prev_sm.jpg

    TopShop We created an e-shop where it is pleasant and easy to buy digital goods but most of all it takes so little time.  PHP | MySQL | Design | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | PrestaShop

  • Yakovleva Make Upassets/images/portfolio/Yakovleva/162_min.jpg

    Yakovleva Make Up What graphic image would fit a successful and extremely talented make-up artist? How to emphasize style and elegance? We declined at once all possible glamour attributes and left only two elements.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • Dao De Meiassets/images/portfolio/dao/dao_prev_sm.jpg

    Dao De Mei This can hardly be called a new project. While we worked on the website for Dao De Mei beauty salon we all dived into the enchanting world of the East.  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML

  • UkrBrukassets/images/portfolio/UkrBruk/161_min.jpg

    UkrBruk UkrBruk company specializes in paving stones production. It makes our streets and courtyards cozier, cleaner and more beautiful.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • Vladimir Kapustinassets/images/portfolio/kapustin/kapustin_pr_sm.jpg

    Vladimir Kapustin Lawyers are serious people. But when we created a website and corporate identity for Vladimir Kapustin, a lawyer, we managed to avoid sobriety and abundant severity.  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML

  • Danikaassets/images/portfolio/danika/danica_pr_sm.jpg

    Danika After you have visited this website you will at once wish to start improving the state of your body with the help of phytodrugs  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML

  • Nikossassets/images/portfolio/Nikoss/160_min.jpg

    Nikoss The solar control systems company Nikoss knew who to turn to ordering corporate identity. The logo turned out to be modest yet airy.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • Style-Elementsassets/images/portfolio/style/style_pr_sm.jpg

    Style-Elements The majority of clients in the 'Style Elements' shop are women. That's why our task was to make the online version of the store stylish and easy to use, in the most attractive way possible for the female audience.  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML | MODx

  • Magaraniassets/images/portfolio/Magarani/159_min.jpg

    Magarani Travel agency, specializing in the Philippines and arranging amazing yoga tours needed a laconic and somewhat mystic logo. Eastern elevation and luxury along with excellent service is the message of this logo.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • FE Alfaassets/images/portfolio/Alpfa/156_min.jpg

    FE Alfa It must be said that corporate identity for FE Alfa was created with respect and love not only for crops but also for the people who grow them.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • Gurman menuassets/images/portfolio/gurman/gurman_prev_sm.jpg

    Gurman menu One of the most important things in web design is not just caring about the looks – the main scope is for  PHP | MySQL | Design | jQuery | HTML | CSS3

  • Vita Medicalassets/images/portfolio/vita/vita_prev_sm.jpg

    Vita Medical Vita Medical Service is a company that provides combined treatment in leading European clinics.  PHP | MySQL | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML | CSS3 | MODx

  • GalantPolassets/images/portfolio/GalantPol/157_min.jpg

    GalantPol GalantPol is a company whose activity is inseparably linked with providing comfort for life. It gives us light and warm. The task on logo development was solved rather skilfully and elegantly.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • Sonkaassets/images/portfolio/sonka/sonka_prev_sm.jpg

    Sonka Do you happen to know where the happy childhood lives? If no, you’re extremely lucky to have us, as we can direct you to the e-shop “Sonka”.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • ForMenassets/images/portfolio/ForMen/en_ForMen_pr_sm.jpg

    ForMen Website ForMen is meant for real men.  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | CSS | jQuery | HTML | PrestaShop

  • STGassets/images/portfolio/stg/stg_pr_sm.jpg

    STG We have developed one more interesting site for travelers!  PHP | MySQL | Design | Ajax | jQuery | HTML | CSS3

  • Mirapartmentsassets/images/portfolio/mira/mira_prev_sm.jpg

    Mirapartments Man has already conquered distance. But every time we travel or go on a business trip we have to leave our dearest and warm place - our home.  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

  • CPTassets/images/portfolio/cpt/cpt_pr_sm.jpg

    CPT The process of creation of the website for Food Technologies Center was based on the three elements: information content, convenience and delicious taste.  PHP | Design | CSS | jQuery | HTML

  • Parmaassets/images/portfolio/parma/parma_pr_sm.png

    Parma  Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

Thank you for visiting our website. We are ready to provide any type of web development, HTML coding and web design services. An individual approach to each customers needs is what makes our work impeccable and super effective. Take a look at our projects and join our satisfied client base.
  • AbInBev
    We worked with the Artjoker company once, by the way, rather efficiently. The guys developed a site which one didn't want to leave. Excellent usability and great design entirely corresponding to our company are a key to our success and popularity on the Internet. We enjoyed working with these guys, they're really great professionals.
    Regards, Head of AbInBev
  • Honda
    The Artjoker company developed our site quickly and to a high standard. Or we would rather say it developed the software part in such a way that we didn't experience any troubles with programming and or layout. Everything is accurate, thorough and neat. Very nice, we thank them very much.
    Regards, Head of Honda
  • Renault
    We are very grateful to the guys from Artjoker. They developed a really great site meeting all our requirements and wishes. Wonderful design along with good navigation and quality content made for a fantastic result and a nice impression of the site on the whole. Generally speaking, everything turned out to be exactly as we expected! We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation.
    Regards, Head of Renault
  • Style Elements
    We turned to Artjoker because we needed the site renewed. It did not meet the consumer’s modern requirements any longer, so we came to the conclusion that it must be redone.
    Regards, Head of Style Elements
  • Prestige Tour
    You must always be on the top and never stop developing your business in our industry. We manage to do it successfully with such reliable partners as Artjoker.
    Regards, Head of Prestige Tour
  • The Snow Queen
    The Artjoker’s staff consists of real professionals. It is extremely pleasant to work with them. They are talented, obliging, bright-eyed and willing to work.
    Regards, Head of "Snow Queen"
  • Papa Carlo
    When we turned to Artjoker our company had already a corporate website, but it did not satisfy our needs at all. Something must be changed without delay. Then among a great number of web studios’ portfolios we saw Artjoker’s works. That is how our fruitful cooperation began.
    Regards, Shterenberg A.A.
    Manager of the doors and furniture factory "Papa Carlo"
  • Communar
    This Spring I ordered a website from Artjoker. An online store. It took about 2 months todevelop the project, of which the most time was spent on programming and content development.Although I think of myself as a rather stubborn and demanding customer, the design was agreedupon quickly. It took about 2 weeks.
    Regards, Mazychenko A.
    Manager of "Steel doors Communar"